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Monday, Grey and Damp

Rode Linus in this morning–it was chilly and damp and there was an unusual bus bottleneck about a block from the house. I lost my sunglasses out of my pocket making a left turn. An SUV swerved around them, and a jaywalking young woman retrieved them for me.  I did not need them and would have been better served by my goggles.

I’m about 2/3 of the way through one closet in the writing down of all my clothes. Perversely, it has made me more inclined to wear the same thing every day than to wear things I’ve forgotten about. I cataloged a lot of nice, work appropriate, wool skirts that I haven’t worn for most of the last two years. My new work place is casual–not even business casual most days–and my professional wardrobe goes unused, except for the odd “suit day”. I won’t get rid of the skirts, though. They’re in good repair and I may need a real professional wardrobe again.

Shoes in the office.

Shoes in the office, lint on my tights.

Meantime, today I’m in a wool dress from French Connection with a knee-length A-line skirt, skinny belt and some corset detailing on the bodice. I have a long sleeve grey turtleneck underneath it, but the one strap keeps slipping. I really should shorten the straps by about one-quarter of an inch, but that seems like a lot of effort for such a tiny change.

I wore my fancy Fluevog spectator pumps: the Hi Choice Kristin. Black tights aren’t the best choice for them, but it’s cold out there.



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