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Friday, Futzing

I screwed up a bunch of flying geese and now have to finish things the hard way. I should have just gotten dressed and gone to the fabric store for batting, but I did not feel like leaving the house. In the end, we did–in a failed attempt to buy more Bourbon County Stout. I wore my new Ureshii top with the Ibex Izzi skirt.


I go back and forth on the Izzi skirt. It’s a really nice weight and has a basic A line shape that’s pretty flattering. Like about half the women who reviewed the skirt at Ibex, I find the pockets problematic. I can’t use them because placing anything larger than a debit card by itself into them creates huge lumps and pulls the fabric in strange directions. Because they are, essentially, nonfunctional pockets, the zipper closures and pockets themselves are unnecessary bulk at the hip. The heavy fabric of the pocket tends to bunch up a couple times a day and, again, has to be smoothed to keep the line of the skirt looking nice.

So. It’s comfortable; the wool is lovely and warm and extremely easy to care for;  the wool is New Zeland Zque certified (“an ‘ethical wool’ programme that sets standards on environmental, social and economic sustainability; on animal welfare”), but the garment is made in the U.S. It’s designed to last, made of materials designed to last, and farmed responsibly.

It could be designed a little better, but it gets a lot of wear in the colder months.



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