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Thursday, Slow and Not as Cold

I was slow to leave the house this morning because I needed to wear a suit today and I wasn’t prepared. It’s been a while since I’ve worn one and I don’t have too many left. I was momentarily stumped by what shirt to wear underneath the jacket I picked. It’s a Misook and typical of the brand–a little boxy, notch collar, placket detailing. The first shirts I grabbed had crew necks too high for the collar; the next one had a pleat in a weird place. I settled on my Ureshii singlet in red merino, but I was a little worried about having bare arms under the jacket.

Turns out, it wasn’t that cold riding in.

Fluevog Wearever Hvala boot, image from

Fluevog Wearever Hvala boot, image from

I’m wearing the straight knee-length skirt that goes with the jacket and Fluevog Wearever Hvala boots. For the ride in, I put on the Icebreaker leggings, my short wool coat, long wool gloves with liners, and a wool cap under my helmet. I added a wool/viscose scarf and I was a little warmer than I wanted to be. So I took it very slowly.

I suspect that the Misook suit jackets are not either as flattering as I want them to be. And I wonder if they look stylish. They are, however, unreasonably comfortable and easy to care for.  Suits themselves are problematic for me, in that truly stylish ones are 1) too expensive for the use I get out of them ; 2) generally out of date in a year ore two;  and 3) distracting. So for the cost/care/wear calculus, I’ll stick with the Misook and hope my job continues to require suits rarely.



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