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Thursday, Slowly

I’m really tired–and, once again, really glad I lay out my clothes for tomorrow before I go to bed at night, even if sometimes they’re a bad choice or a change my mind at the last minute.

Sweater dress, under crew neck sweater.

Sweater dress, under crew neck sweater.

Today, I’m wearing a brightly patterned sweater dress underneath a black crew neck sweater. Both are from H&M, 5-7 years ago. Fun fact: I’m wearing this dress in the picture used for my ski pass. Fleece-lined tights, tall Merrill boots. I am really comfortable although a bit chilly in my office. I’ve got wool leggings to add for the ride home on Linus. I needed them for the ride in!

The collars overlap in an obvious way, which you can’t really see in the cellphone pic at left. The dress has a v-neck with a narrower opening than the crew neck, so there’s a little swatch of color where the collars don’t match up. I think this is another skirt that’s a little short for anything but the most casual of offices, which I fortunately have.  Fleece tights are almost like leggings, but in future I might wear obvious leggings with the outfit because of the length.



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