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Wednesday, All Over the Map

"Judy" top from Ureshii. Photo from

“Judy” top from Ureshii. Photo from

It’s work from home day, and weight training day, so it’s all yoga pants, wool socks, and layered tops today.

In exciting news, my Ureshii order shipped today! So soon I will have my shrug (on which I have pinned many expectations) and a new top.

I’ve been giving more thought to the question of how to describe my style because I’ve been wondering why I was even interested in doing a self-guided style make-over. I don’t feel my wardrobe is particularly unified, but I’d like it to be. I definitely have a palette, as well as defined preferences; bringing them all together into a recognizable whole seems like a useful thing. If only because it may cut down on the wild impulse purchases.



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