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Monday, Dense Fog and Ennui

It’s a thoroughly bizarre 60 degrees out there, which means everything is under a dense, wet fog. My hair did not dry under my helmet on the ride in, when usually it dries under my helmet and a wool cap. I was glad I threw on my rainshell because Linus, my panniers, my helmet and my jacket were slick with condensation when I got to the office, even though I had to open the pitzips. My Outlier Daily Riding Pants had one spot of sheeting, but otherwise, were perfectly dry.  I know I have to hold off on the Slim Dungarees, but I’m convinced they’ll be my next pants purchase.

Basic black pumps with a button.

Basic black pumps with a button.

There may or may not be thunderstorms during the day, and it may or may not rain precisely at going home time. If it does, I’m not sure what to do about shoes. I still don’t have good riding in the rain shoes, other than my rain boots, which are definitely overkill for days like today. I’m wearing the basic black button pumps, which felt damp on the ride in.

Another black wool crew neck sweater, with an extra long grey t-shirt underneath. But in earrings today, just to check that the piercings have not closed.



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