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Saturday, Surprises

We ran errands in the morning and then went to the ever-terrific Bad Apple for burgers and beers.

Smartwool Sanitas skirt in grey.

Smartwool Sanitas skirt in grey.

I thought perhaps that the missing party dresses might be in the dry cleaners basket in the dressing room, so earlier this week, I checked. They were not there, but I did find a crew neck, long sleeve, black cashmere sweater I do not remember owning. I gave it a spot cleaning in the sink and laid it out in on the drying rack. This is a nice sweater, and this was a nice surprise. I was sorry the dresses weren’t in the basket, though. There was a black velvet skirt with fringe, from Kenneth Cole, which my sister bought at a consignment shop in Lincoln Park and then gave me. There was a bronze taffeta jacket. There were two or three more things I’ve already forgotten. I should–I think–have them dry cleaned and re-consigned.

At any rate, today, I wore the found sweater over a Smartwool t-shirt, with the Smartwool Sanitas skirt in grey. I discovered a small smudge of bike grease on the hem. This was not as nice a surprise as unexpected cashmere in the dry cleaning basket. I’ll try cleaning it, then probably replacing it, as it’s a nice versatile skirt.

Tights and my maryjane flats.



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