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Thursday, Headwinds and Goose-poop

Black wedge boots with buckle with a bit of striped sock showing at the top.

Rode Linus this morning. It was not particularly cold, but I felt really slow. There must have been a headwind. Or else I’m just tired. Also, there was lots of goose-poop on the path; we need a strong rain.

Today I paired the Ibex Izzi skirt in black (I thought I had ordered the “bittersweet” color, but this is a true black, so I guess I did not) with the Nau M2 Ribbed Sweater in grey. Fleece tights, knee high socks in grey and black stripes, and “those boots”. I wasn’t too sure about these boots when I bought them 4-5 years ago, but they have slowly come into heavy rotation in my wardrobe. They’re no more comfortable than most other boots in my closet and I’m not convinced they are more versatile, but for whatever reason, I’m wearing them a lot this year.

I am mildly troubled that Nau has only one merino offering in its shirts right now, when fabric (in particular merino) was a primary reason I started purchasing from them. I have been disappointed with their offerings all year, in terms of styling, and the current focus on cotton/tencel does not appeal to me. It’s silly, but I feel I’ve lost nau as a primary source of exciting, unique, usable clothing and it feels sad.

I’ve been aware of brands–and brand image–as long as I have been paying for (or maybe since shopping for) my own clothes. But I had not ever been aware of jumping on the bandwagon before nau. Now that I find myself uninterested in their offerings, and even disliking a lot of them, I have a weird wish that I had never shared my love for them with anyone. It’s like when your favorite band puts out an album that’s just not as good–you wonder, is it not as good because it has to appeal to an expanded fan base or would it have been not as good just because things change?


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