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Tuesday, Unvetted

Midway Snapped Coat, by Miranda Caroligne, in grey. Mine is black. Image is from, which appears defunct.

It was cold and bright on the Lakefront this morning and I was back on Linus for the first time in days and days. My hands were cold, but that’s how it always is. I get recommendations for gloves, suggestions to “keep my core warm”, but my hands are always cold. Even skiing, I can’t keep my hands warm. I’ll be flushed warm in the chest and face and my hands will be numb.

Bottom up, I am wearing my tall Merrell Plaza Peak boots and smartwool black tights. The other purple etsy dress underneath a mid-grey, 3/4 sleeve cashmere blend sweater from Nau.

For riding, I added Icebreaker leggings and my midway snap coat (in black) by Miranda Caroligne. I wish I had a way to purchase more of her designs–even just the fleece-y stuff she made for Kreeya, if not the one of kind reconstructed pieces. But seems to no longer exist and I’m not often in San Francisco with the sort of free time that lets me do that sort of shopping. I’m happy I have the snap coat, though. It’s pretty toasty for biking in sub-30 degrees without much wind and with no damp.

Purple rabbit fur pinGot my fluffy bunny pin on and a meeting later. I’m a bit unhappy about this latter bit. I forgot about the meeting or I simply would not have worn this. I’ve never paired this sweater with this dress and the result is, actually, a little shapeless. The dress is a little bigger than I need and is very full through the low waist and hips, right where this sweater ends. With all that loose fabric around my hips, I look, I think, a little sloppy.

I should have vetted this before going out, but I did not. I just threw it on and left. Now I know not to pair this sweater and dress again, but I have to go to my meeting like this. At least it’s an informal working group meeting.

Edited to add: I’ve swapped out the purple dress for the Misook sheath dress I keep in my office because I just couldn’t go to my meeting feeling sloppy. I did not go full suit–just the sheath dress and a cardigan I keep for cold days, but I feel more polished and presentable. Two morals:

  1. always vet the outfit before you wear it to the office and
  2. keep a spare at the office.


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