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Friday, Post-Holiday

I’m in the TopShop grey wool tank dress (again) and a James Perse longsleeve t-shirt, in red. The sleeves are extra long and pool at the wrists, where there is an extra two inches of red silk stitched to the cuff. It’s a nice t-shirt, if a bit form-fitting.

I have two James Perse t-shirts from when I flirted with the idea of luxury t-shirts. I got over the idea quickly. Not that I dislike either t-shirt–both of which are made from a notably soft cotton which manages to hold a shape reasonably well. But the white shortsleeve t-shirt is largely indistinguishable from every t-shirt I own of higher quality than H&M, while this red shirt is distinguished only by the cuffs.

Unlike a cashmere sweater, where it’s easy to tell the difference between the high-end sweater and the mid-range, I haven’t been able to justify the difference in cost with the t-shirts–either in longevity or initial look and feel.

We’re just hanging around, doing nothing today. So, no shoes, slipper socks.



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