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Sunday in Pyjamas!

I stayed in long underwear and a t-shirt all day today. It was cozy.

Instead, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite cycling accessories: the Dargelos Lightning Vest:

Image From Ecouterre’s article on the Lightning vest.

Linus is my primary means of transportation. I have my CTA card, a taxi budget, and I live and work in a very walkable neighborhood. Plus, my husband has a car. Still, Linus is my usual way of getting around.

Linus. Purchased from JC Lind on Wells in Chicago

Now that it’s winter, it’s dark when I leave work. Considering that my wardrobe is largely black and grey, I’m probably not highly visible riding home after work. I’ve got a couple headlights on Linus and my helmet (only one taillight–maybe I should fix that? My pannier has highly reflective dots on it, however), but it doesn’t feel like enough sometimes. The roadway is pretty well lit, but I’m often on the Lakefront, which isn’t well lit at all. I’m often startled by other riders or joggers whom I could not see coming. I don’t want to be that person.

But–I admit it freely–I don’t want to wear a highway safety vest, either. It’s a little embarrassing to be so frank about vanity, but I don’t want to look like a dork in a safety vest. I wore one–before I found the Lightning vest–because I did not feel safe without something highly visible at night. But I felt like an idiot. Plus, those things usually have velcro–which is of the devil and which I will not have near any article of clothing I care about. It snags and rips and otherwise destroys any number of knit fabrics.

Thus, the Lightning vest, which is highly reflective, but had no closures and just looks awesome. It’s easy to slip over even my heaviest coat (although occasionally it gets hung up on a button or two); it scrunches down small, so it fits in a coat pocket or my purse. And every single time I pull it out and put it on, someone remarks on it favorably.

The Lightning vest is just a little bit cool and I feel just a little bit of the Dark Future zipping around in it.


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