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Monday, Double-booked.

Forgot I had made plans for dinner tonight and told someone else I was free. Rats. Either way, I left Linus at home because I don’t know where I’ll be at 6 o’clock and I don’t know how late I’ll be getting home.

Eggplant striped hoodie dress from MiloCreative Studio at Etsy.

I’m wearing one of my recent Etsy dresses: the Eggplant Mini Stripe Twisted Drape Long Sleeve Hoodie Dress with Asymmetric Hem from MiloCreative Studios. I really like this dress. It fits and it’s flattering. It’s a well-constructed casual dress with just enough detailing to make it interesting. The neck lays a bit less smoothly on my shoulders, but otherwise the fit is great.

However, I probably would not have bought it if I had actually tried it on first–even though I love how it looks . Why? There’s more polyester in the knit than I typically wear and it’s not as soft as I want it to be. The dressmaker was absolutely accurate and clear in her description of the fabric and I hesitated but bought it anyway. Completely happy that I did, but I would have rejected it in a store. As it is, I’ll probably pick something else up from her shop when I hit the point in my budget to buy another dress.

The dress is cute, though, a little more casual than a lot of lawyers could wear to work every day, but I’m lucky. I have a great job.

I’m also wearing textured tights from Banana Republic in a dusky lavender grey (which I should have bought several pairs of, I’m so afraid of ruining them) and the Fluevog Malibrans. It’s swinging toward warm again, so I have the light Nau Decypher jacket with me.


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