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Tuesday, Winter

It snowed last night! But not long and it did not stick. I biked a new route to work today, which I did not like. Back to the drawing board for “routes when the lakefront might be icy”–it wasn’t likely to be icy today, but I also wasn’t in a hurry, so I figured I’d try a different route.

My goggles fogged up when I had to wait at intersections, but they cleared as soon as I got up to speed. My hands were cold, although the rest of me was not. Such is BikeWinter.

I’m in my Outlier daily riding pant–in black. These are really great pants, which I think I’ve mentioned. They were super long, but I’m used to hemming (even if I hate it more than anything sewing-related, except quilt-binding). I could likely have hemmed mine a little shorter. I was surprised–given how “body conscious” the cut is–that I’m able to wear fleece-lined tights under them, but I am. This is good. Although the pants offer resistance to wind, it’s still cold out there without an underlayer. Got my Fluevog Friendship boots  and green smartwool socks.

I am wearing an All Saints Origin Jumper in marl grey wool as well.  Extra long sleeve, exposed seams, soft, warm, high quality, interesting waist detail. Today is a day I feel pulled together and looking well.

All Saints Origin Jumper

Outlier Women’s Daily Riding Pant


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