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Monday, Dining Out

menu and cocktailWorked from home all day and then it was time to go out to dinner at a fancy (and really delicious) Chinese place downtown (Well, River North at least). I had not really thought about what I was going to wear and so I almost made us late because nothing seemed right.

Several years ago, I divested myself of a lot of fancy clothes, but I was pretty sure I kept a lot of them. But I can’t find the ones I thought I had kept. Which is a little unsettling. All I could find were a couple cocktail dresses which seemed too fancy and a couple things which seemed too businesslike. Plus a summer dress or two. It isn’t that there was nothing in my closet–there just wasn’t anything I felt like wearing.

I settled on a black leather skirt with stitch detailing and a sleeveless cashmere sweater. Textured tights and a pair of silver-grey pumps. Wore a marcasite bracelet.

Marcasite bracelet

Was slightly cold in my smoky grey wool coat without a hat.



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