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Sunday, Scrubbing Floors

Today, I was a charwoman and dressed appropriately. I got cleaner on my pants, which now have a slight brassy red smear on one thigh. That’s the price for a clean kitchen.

Sketch on postcard.

Then, I relaxed, although I considered sewing. I recently found this postcard in my sewing room. You’ll note the sketch.

We were in Quebec a short while ago, with a friend who was taking us to all her favorite shops. This one had a wonderful jacket/shrug that I made a sketch of, to see if I could figure it out, because that was my intent for the fall: figuring out simple patternless garments.

I can’t quite recall what the thing looked like finished, although I recall carefully noting how few seams the piece had. Maybe next weekend, I’ll grab some cheap knit jersey and play around with it.



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