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Friday, Deviating from the Plan

So I did not mention on Wednesday that I think my Misook pants are too short. I’m not accustomed to pants being too short.  They are not, in fact, too short as much as I find the length awkward. That is, they are supposed to hit at that part of my leg, but I end up far more conscious of where my pants are hitting my ankle than anyone has a rational need to be. So I deviated from my purchase plan, twice.

First, I hit up the Misook sale pages for another pair of pants. They should arrive Monday and I can decide whether either  works better. I have a lukewarm relationship, at best, with pants and rarely wear them. But every so often, I find myself in front of my closet, terribly frustrated with the lack of trousers. Since I have stubbornly held on to these particularly suit pants and still wear them often enough, despite feeling they are too short, it seemed logical to try to replace them with a better version.

But! I was on my way out of the office to meet some friends and I did not want to be uncomfortable with my appearance for another minute. This used to be a very bad habit of mine: I would change my mind about what I was wearing halfway through the day and shop at lunch. It was impulse-shopping at the very worst. I brushed aside the shopping and changing idea when it first occurred to me before lunch. I thought about it again, considering specifically what would be a desirable replacement for my pants with the tank top and jacket. Many of my ideas were things already hanging in my closet and I felt that shopping for more of the same was really a bad idea.

grey tank dress

Grey viscose and wool tank dress from Top Shop, picture from

But I kept coming back to one idea: a grey straight skirt I had given to Bottomless Closet a few years ago when I realized I did not really like the high-waist.  So I gave myself permission to stop at Topshop on my way out. I picked up this tank dress.

It’s the first “fast fashion” purchase I have made in several years, as well as the first impulse shopping I have done since setting up my budget. I feel comfortable with it, nonetheless, for a couple reasons. First, it substitutes in some cases for the grey skirt I wasn’t wearing (and had given away). I do wear dresses as skirts regularly–that is to say, I layer non-cardigan sweaters over tops often for a look that is basically a skirt and top. It adds warmth, smooths the waistline, and solves the problem of gap where the shirt ends and the skirt begins.

Second, it replaces two garments from my closet that I can’t wear in public anymore and frequently wish for: a short black tank dress (completely shapeless, faded and disreputable) and the Nau motion dress (big grease stain on the skirt that I haven’t been able to remediate).

Consider it rationalized.

Cat peeking over laptop screen

Boutros Boutros-Kitty

Today, I am in Hanes modal long underwear, Goodhew wool socks, and a couple cotton t-shirts. Me and the big grey cat are working in the sunroom at home, which is quite sunny today.


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