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Thursday, Meetings

Poor Linus–had a terrible headache this morning and thought I eventually managed to get out of bed to go to work, I was still too wobbly to ride. So. No Linus until Saturday, when I finally get my hair cut.

Ten or fifteen years ago,  my mom ran across a line of knits at Von Maur: Cyrus Knits (weirdly, you cannot view the clothes at their website without signing up for an account and including your phone number and physical address to do so). At the time, their line was snug fitting sweaters with interesting draping or geometric folds or color blocking. I still have a black funnel necked cowl sweater which–being more than 10 years old–is a little too short now, but I haven’t given it up. I did give up a pale blue sweater with a wide neckline that had a crisp fold along it. As much as I loved the neckline of the sweater, the color (a mildly greenish pastel blue) never quite sat comfortably in my wardrobe and it was even shorter.

Mom bought both of us black cardigans with leather details. Mine had leather panels at the sides and shoulders; my sister’s had a leather back and pockets. I inherited hers a few years back when she went through a closet purge.

Today, I’m wearing my leather cardigan, with a straight knee length knit skirt and a steel blue short sleeved wool shirt from Nau. Got plain old boring black tights and my Fluevog Friends Sharon. Sally Hansen Wine Not on my nails. Everything is extremely comfortable but reasonably polished for the various meetings today.



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