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Wednesday, Meetings and Drinking

Top button on the jacket. The white smear on the button is a camera artifact.

Speaking of St. John, today, I trotted out one of my two St. John jackets: a boxy black jacket with white cuffs and placket and giant black and gold buttons. It’s totally not me and I love it to within an inch of its life.

I love my other St. John jacket even more–it was three times what I wanted to spend when I bought it, but the shopper brought it in to the dressing room with a Prada cocktail dress and told me how she had put together that outfit for a woman who had flown in from Warsaw for a funeral and I was sold! In retrospect, it’s silly and my budget took a hit for a while, but it hasn’t been a useless item in my closet. Plus, I feel amazing when I wear it.

I did not buy the Prada cocktail dress, but the jacket . . . . Gorgeous. More “cocktail” than “business” and too flashy for today’s meeting, though. So, I’m in the “boyfriend sweater” jacket. I don’t know why it was called that as there is nothing remotely masculine about it. It’s that boxy shape unique to women’s short jackets.

I’ve paired it with a Ureshii singlet in brick merino (I should have asked them to cut this a little longer) and Misook knit pants. I’m going to feel totally out of place later with my friends in a bar, but it’s okay. I’m comfortable and totally appropriate for the first of many many meetings this week.

Big buttons, with the hook and eye fastened, and placket hanging correctly.

I should note that in the photo above, the hook and eye fastener isn’t fastened, so the really big heavy button pulls the placket all weird.  Which any reasonable person would find unacceptable in a jacket this expensive.  I don’t really mind spending more money on clothes sometimes, but when I do, I expect things like hooks and eyes to keep heavy buttons from making things hang wrong. See? in this pic, it’s hanging right, even if the photo has a weird effect making the black enamel all blotchy.

This is the second day in a row I did not ride Linus–I plan to tomorrow, even though there is a working dinner tomorrow night. I don’t imagine I’ll work that late. Haven’t figured out what I’ll wear tomorrow, but I’ll want to be warm!



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