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Tuesday, Election

Got up at a very early hour, put on a suit, and spent 16 hours in that suit, working.

This is what Misook is made for.  Well, for those of us who can only afford St. John once in a blue moon.

I got several compliments on the suit, which is a black tank dress (with a structure waist) and a boxy black jacket with white details. It was in great shape after a 16 hour day (including 90+ miles driving and eating popcorn from a bag) and at no point was I thinking “goddamn just let me out of this suit already!” In my book that’s a win.

It’s a little odd that–aside from a cocktail suit and an Ann Taylor suit I am overly attached to–the only suits I have left are Misook. I say it’s odd because they are a little matronly and incredibly synthetic. But they are very comfortable and, if you stick with the more structured styles, very appropriate for all the occasions I have to wear a suit: board meetings, constituent meetings, panel discussions, seminars, going to court, business setting fund raisers.

Also, I can bike in them and throw them in the washer and dryer.

Can’t beat that with a stick.


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