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Thursday, Birthday for the Brother-in-Law

Fluevog Adrian family, Alli, with purple cotton tights.

Today I learned that the Fluevog Adrian Alli is not Linus-friendly. The soles got no purchase on my pedals, so I did not have enough control during acceleration. I guess I’ll wrap my pedals in rubber bands to get home (and stay out of traffic) or find some sub $10 sneakers, since I have no emergency shoes in the office.

Otherwise, I’m wearing a light grey sweater dress from the H&M days. When it was new to Chicago, I shopped there early and often.  Much of what I bought lasted a few months, either because the novelty wore off, or the pilling was very bad, or on second thought, the fit was just really off.  I’ve kept a couple of things: Tuesday’s coat, some t-shirts, lots of accessories, and this sweater dress. It’s a wool blend of some kind–not terribly soft–but it isn’t pilling. The sleeves are long enough to stay at my wrists and the deep cowl is nice. It’s got ribbing at the high waist, but none at the hem, which suits me just fine.

Put on some thick purple cotton tights from somewhere and wore the grey nau jacket. Rode on the Lakefront, which is calm, only slighty sandy, and took it unusually slow–only partly because of my shoes. Dinner plans are not set yet, but we’ll surely stay in the neighborhood, where brother-in-law and sister have just moved.



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