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Wednesday, With Coffee

It’s a total comfort work from home day, but it’s chilly, so I’m layered in wool: smartwool socks (got big fleece slipper socks on over them), smartwool leggings, icebreaker maya skirt, icebreaker camisole, a recycled merino sweater from the Gap (which I bought on sale for $12–I should have bought several, even if all the other colors were Not Me), my ibex handwarmers. Boutros is in my lap and I have coffee.

Coffee cup, on the desk, in the sun

Coffee cup, on the desk, in the sun

Pretty snug. Winter came hard on the heels of the far edge of Sandy, here in Chicago.

The Eva Dress popped up in my Pinterest again today. I keep meaning to make this one. I don’t have a serger, but I successfully made some stretch knit stuff earlier in the year, including a cowl top. I haven’t attempted it yet because I want a nice merino knit to use for it and have no idea where to find such fabric! Along with my perpetually disorganized closet, I have a perpetually disorganized office/sewing room/sunroom. I ought take better care or–and make better use of–the things I am fortunate to have.



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