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Tuesday, Windy Tuesday

The ride home last night was terrible! It’s not so much the pushing against the headwind–headwinds are tough and the going is slow (and I did pull over and walk for about 1/4 of the worst mile)–it’s the sudden gusts which threaten to knock the bike out from under you. Those are scary! Especially when your pannier weight is lopsided. Today, Linus is in the basement and I was on the bus. The trail looked reasonably passable (although the winds were high and out of the south, so it would have been headwinds in) until the Oak Street Curve. I walked over to watch the Oak Street curve and for several minutes, there was no pause between waves that crested over the curve and broke on the wall. Impassable.


H&M Coat. Pic is from a vacation to British Columbia some several years ago.

I wore this coat today. I thought it was adorable when I saw it and bought it, despite many reservations about it, specifically, and fast fashion, generally. It has worn reasonably well, however, having lost only one button on the funnel collar and not rubbed bare anywhere.  It’s a wool/viscose blend, so it’s pretty lightweight but we have enough warmer cold days that I get use out of it.

Under my coat, I am wearing something of a poorly accessorized outfit today. Basically, I dressed it up one way up top and another on the bottom half. Mea Culpa. The dress is a basic grey sweater dress (Calvin KleinLauren, from Nordstrom)–it has a wide ribbed U-neck collar and short sleeves.  Basic, comfy. The grey coordinates with a bat wing sweater-cape-shrug I also bought from Nordstrom (also Lauren–the buyers at the local Nordstrom pick things I like from Lauren, apparently), which I wore, along with a delicate silver bracelet.

Söfft pumps.

So far so good. I picked a pair of Söfft Mary Jane pumps in black with grey accents that my sister left in my closet after a business trip once. But here’s where I went off the rails–I put on a pair of cranberry colored tights.  I like how the tights play off the shoes and the color is actually fine with the dress. It pulls the blue from the dye and looks good.

But the bat wing sweater-cape-shrug pulls the green tones. And so does the grey accent on the shoe. In the end it’s a mess–the sweater and the shoe pulling one tone out of the dress and the tights emphasizing another. Fortunately, I have a pair of plain black tights in the drawer. They’re not ideal against the shoes, but better than the Franken outfit I left the house in!

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