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Monday, Storm Surge

We’re being warned off the Lakefront trail today–predictions are that the storm surge on the east coast will wash up through the Great Lakes and swamp the trail. I’ve seen waves crashing over the trail that have swept cyclists over (and read an account in the paper of a cyclist being washed out into the Lake and drowning), but this morning was beautiful. If there was a wind, it was a tailwind and the waves sweeping over the path were infrequent.

I did not think what to wear to work today before going to bed, so I am in the simplest thing I could find when neither alarm went off this morning: a 3/4-quarter sleeve, cowl neck dress from Lands End of unknown grey fabric that may or may not have a bike grease stain on the skirt. I figure if I can’t tell whether it’s a stain or part of the mottling in the dye, no-one else can. The fit on the dress is overly generous, but it’s comfortable and easy to wear. Mom bought it for me, when she had a coupon and nothing she wanted for herself.

Worn with fluffy sweater tights and the short Merrells–in case I had to ride through a wave, I did not want wet feet. Will warned me it was cold before I left, but I was fine in the Pearl Izumi jacket, with my glove liners and a wool cap under my helmet.


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