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Monday, It’s the Blahs

Rainy, and I’ve still got Saturday’s headache, so I left Linus at home (and was jealous of every cyclist the bus passed and very much not looking forward to getting past the construction on the way home).

So, Monday blah: grey trousers from the Gap (the “Perfect pant“). These are highly functional, not terribly unflattering, and reasonably-priced work-a-day pants. I buy them in the ankle length and then they needn’t be hemmed, even with heels.

I made a poor shoe choice (a squared-toe brown lace up with a 2 inch heel). Comfortable and generally attractive, nonetheless, there was no reason to wear a brown shoe with these pants. I guess I was trying to spare my Fluevogs in case of heavy rain and didn’t think of my Hunter boots (which are new). I initially pulled out my red vinyl flats, but the hem on these trousers is too long.

H&M grey striped v-neck sweater. Nau Versa Blazer for the rain.



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