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Sunday, Aragon Ballroom

Last night we attended the New Order concert at the Aragon Ballroom.  We walked past the ballroom on the way to meet some friends before the show and heard “Shadowplay” during soundcheck. Great show, but I think the soundcheck was my favorite part.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, sunny, cool, sort of perfect actually.  Layers, pretty much, were the order of the afternoon because it was coolish outside, but was going to be a sauna in the Aragon, and then likely even more coolish for the short walk to find a cab (or wait for the bus) home. I went with all Icebreaker, actually, and amazed one of my friends with how non-scratchy it was.

I started with the Atlas tank, which has a high crew neck and wide straps–it’s basically a t-shirt shape without sleeves. I had a short-sleeve crew neck to throw on over it (which I did almost as soon as we reached a shady patch) and my arm-warmers. The arm-warmers were a hit with everyone who saw them, but also, seriously useful for nightclubs in the fall. They keep you warm waiting to get in or waiting for a ride home, but they peel off easily and stuff in a nightclub-sized handbag with no issue.

Icebreaker Zen skirt, Superfine 200 weight. Photo from the Icebreaker catalog.

I also wore the Icebreaker zen skirt (black, like everything else). Regular microfiber tights and a pair of tall boots with laces up the front.

A big bright silver cuff with a violet pink flower. Carried the pink fabric bag with the Kimono print. It’s not my usual club bag, but it is still very small with a long strap, so it goes across body well, but is lightweight and unobtrusive for the dancing.


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