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Saturday, Voter Protection Training

I’ll be poll-watching on election day with OFAWI and today was the last bit of training.  Rode Linus. Yay Linus, but I was over dressed for the weather.

Speaking of the various iterations of the m2 dress at nau, I wore the first version, in this color: olive. I like this version best. It’s got the most simple and most flattering shape:

nau M2 dress, in olive, first iteration. Photo is from the website.

a slightly fitted bodice with a  slight A-line skirt. It’s one of the only v-necked things in my wardrobe, come to think of it. I love the length of the sleeve–not quite to the elbow where it would get caught in the joint, but longer than the thickest part of the upper arm (why, yes, I *have* been working out!) Later versions add some pleats at the right hip with a hidden pocket. Nice idea, but the dress is form-fitting and anything other than a couple of cards or bills (like, say, keys) makes a very unsightly bulge. It’s the perennial problem of women’s clothes: no pockets and then when you get pockets, you can’t use them for your keys.

I intended to layer over with a short-sleeved cardigan from All Saints. All Saints is, essentially, aspirational clothing for me. It fits, and although it’s expensive, I can afford it, but the styling is not flush with the life I lead. I wouldn’t mind if it were, but it’s not.

Distressed olive cardigan from All Saints.

Many years ago (to my surprise) I learned that some people at an organization where I had worked had referred to me as “Style Girl”. It was a very casual workplace (very casual, one colleague wore sweatpants most days), but I did not think I took any greater pains with my appearance than most people there and I really never thought of myself as “fashion-forward”.  But I  had some trouble integrating with the culture, and had moved on by the time I heard this bit of gossip, so it’s an anecdote that comes back to me every so often. What you wear gives people the means to pigeon-hole you. At any rate, I did not change my mind about the sweater because of the styling; I changed my mind because the building where the training was is cold all the time and I wanted long sleeves.

So I put on a black crew neck merino wool sweater I picked up on sale at Banana Republic. SPACE-dyed cotton tights from sockdreams in a dark grey pattern and those boots.

Topped it with my nau Decypher jacket, which appears to have been replaced with the Wax On Blazer at the wesbite. The seaming is similar, although the Decypher has buttons on the breast pockets and no zippers on the hip pockets. The Wax on has those really nice button flaps over the zipper, but it lacks the back bikers jersey pocket which the Decypher has. I was surprised by how much I use the bikers jacket pocket. It’s a very useful thing.


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