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Wednesday, Go-To Non-Dressing

Today, I worked from home, so I wore yoga pants and an H&M tshirt most of the day. We went to the gym. To the gym I wore the Icebreaker Rush 3/4 leggings, in the old cut with the flare at the knee, and my 2011 Bike the Drive tshirt.

I had to run an errand midday and wore my go-to dress for when I haven’t been dressed all day but have to get dressed and go out: the Ibex Random dress (I have it in both cave and violet–I wore the cave). It’s wool, unstructured with a bit of a waist, and surprisingly flattering, even with the hideous kangaroo pocket. I wear it with tights and boots, usually. Today was no exception: cotton grey textured tights and the short Fluevog Fellowship boots (no longer listed in the shoe family). My errand took me only about 1/2 mile round trip, so I walked.

Also, I attempted to do a newsprint manicure. It was simple and the technique worked pretty well, but in the end, I thought my fingernails just looked dirty, instead of intentional. I think that using a more obvious color for the base coat (I used a pale pink) and taking more care to ensure a full four lines of text per nail would help.



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