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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

First Post!

This is me:

Those Boots. Nau Motion skirt. Hoodie from Nordstrom’s Brass Plum.

This is Linus:

Purchased from JC Lind in Chicago. Great shop. Love this bike so much.

This is my closet catalogue.

I work as a staff attorney/policy analyst for a very small non-profit in the city of Chicago. Usually, I ride Linus to and from work and my regular volunteer gig and around town, running errands. I live in a pretty good-sized condo with my husband and three cats and two decent-sized fancy closets that I can’t keep tidy.

Yes, I am perpetually attempting to get a handle on my closet, especially now that I am middle-aged and not really changing much in size or persona anymore. Especially now that I have finally adopted (and stick to) a budget–when I spend money from my Clothes category, I need to make it count.  Thus, I am writing down what I wear every day. Then I might be able to get rid of some things and not buy other things without feeling I am missing out.

I’m also just generally curious about myself and my own patterns.

I’m not certain I’ll learn anything of significance from the exercise, but I’m doing it anyway.


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